What is Body Sculpting Surgery?

What is Body Sculpting Surgery

Body sculpting surgery is today’s modern approach to fat elimination. This procedure also shapes particular areas of the body and helps tighten skin. There are two (2) body sculpting procedures: the non-surgical options that include cold, heat, lasers, and other methods. Meanwhile, surgical options include lifts, tucks, and liposuction. Body sculpting surgeries have more risks and a much longer recovery time but usually give more noticeable results.

     Today, we learn more about body sculpting surgeries and how effective these procedures are in eliminating fat and giving you that perfect body you’ve always wanted.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting (also called body contouring) is a medical or surgical procedure aiming to reshape our bodies’ areas. This contouring procedure may involve specific procedures that:

  • Get rid of excess skin;
  • Eliminate extra fat; and
  • Contour or reshape the body part you target.

However, body sculpting surgery does not typically aid much in weight loss. Instead, it helps shape our bodies and address particular areas where losing weight is not as effective as it should be, or even after undergoing significant weight loss, you still get extra skin.

Different Types of Body Sculpting

Nowadays, most clinics and med spas utilize non-invasive body sculpting techniques that help reduce the patient’s body circumference and inches. This process is done by flushing out fat contents from our bodies through the lymphatic system. Doing this procedure is already an alternative to invasive procedures that don’t have downtime.

Although results greatly vary, most patients start seeing noticeable results after 6-12 sessions. One session lasts approximately an hour before finishing, with the possibility of seeing minor improvements. Eventually, there would be a decrease in inches after every session, varying between 0.5 and 3.0 inches. More importantly, you also need to consider that the process of body sculpting is not highly recommended for those with existing heart diseases, severe bleeding tendencies, pacemakers, acute illness, compromised liver functions, and while pregnant.

The Hourglass Body Sculpting

One procedure that stands out from the rest is the Hourglass Body Sculpting procedure. During this popular treatment session, practitioners include the following steps: Lipo-laser, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radiofrequency, Lymphatic Massage, and Vacuum Therapy towards the treatment area. 

The Hourglass Body Sculpting service includes all of the following procedures:

  • Diode Lipo-Laser – is a procedure that shrinks stubborn fat while stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  • Ultrasound Cavitation – is a treatment that uses ultrasound technology to fragment fat cells, simultaneously reducing inches, removing unwanted toxins from the body, and activating the body’s lymphatic system.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) – is a popular technology that helps burn fat tissues and promotes effective skin tightening. A combination of vacuum and RF significantly enhances one’s skin elasticity and efficiently encourages lymphatic drainage.

Benefits of these body sculpting procedures include the following:

  • Effective fat reduction
  • Significant loss of inches and circumference
  • Efficient Tightening
  • Long-lasting cellulite reduction
  • Increased muscle definition

The Hourglass Services


Diode lipo-lasers are non-invasive body sculpting techniques for shrinking fat cells. This popular procedure directly places laser diode pads onto the patient’s skin. The laser energy used penetrates the targeted area of the stubborn fat cells, creating small holes in their membranes. This step causes fat cells to release their stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water, eventually shrinking and getting secreted out of the body. Lipo-lasers lead to potential loss in inches and also stimulate collagen and elastin.


As a non-invasive body sculpting technique, Ultrasonic Cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to target unwanted fat tissues. As these ultrasound waves get transmitted through the patient’s skin, they produce strong pressure waves onto these stubborn fat cells. The pressure causes the fat tissues to begin the process of “cavitation,” or imploding fat cells into liquid contents. Afterward, our body’s excretory and lymphatic system naturally eliminates these liquified fat cells by voiding them. Ultrasonic Cavitation usually takes around 15-30 minutes every session.


When dealing with body sculpting, radiofrequency energy technology selectively heats the patient’s skin tissues, where collagen fibers and fat cells start to drain and shrink. However, essential fibroblast cells are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastic fibers. As a result, radiofrequency treatments affect the skin by making it tighter, smoother, and youthful-looking, while fat cells and cellulite are significantly reduced in appearance and contents.


Vacuum Lymphatic Massage or Vacuum therapy is a body sculpting procedure that eliminates unwanted toxins and helps improve lymphatic drainage by breaking fatty deposits and cellulite while stimulating the muscles.


EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a popular muscle stimulator and body sculpting procedure that uses HIFEM or high-intensity focused electromagnetic. EMS stimulates the motor neurons so our body’s muscles can continue expanding and contracting. These muscular contractions result from deep penetrations and substantial contractions of the muscles, resulting in apoptosis happening both above and below the muscles of the targeted area.

At the same time, EMS also activates other processes, such as muscle growth, toning, and fat reduction. This body sculpting procedure involves a 30-minute session equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats. Commonly treated areas with EMS usually include the abdomen, biceps and triceps, glutes, quads, and calves. This procedure is suggested to be completed at least within a 6-12-session period if you want optimal results, treated every other day.

Why is Body Sculpting Used?

Most of us choose body sculpting to help us look and feel thinner or to aid us in attaining specific shapes and figures we’ve always wanted. Often, these procedures are used towards particular body parts, especially when diet and exercise have not made any difference in your targeted areas.

Resorting surgical options can also help remove extra skin, making it look smoother and younger. These body sculpting procedures can also help those who still have excess skin after undergoing significant weight loss. As we age, such options can also naturally improve loose, saggy, or wrinkled skin. Body sculpting can help target most parts of the body, with common treated sites including:

  • arms
  • areas of the neck and chin
  • back
  • belly and flanks or love handles
  • glutes and buttocks
  • thighs

In addition, body sculpting procedures help fine-tune the body into a new shape, especially after undergoing significant weight loss typically tied to diet programs, bariatric surgeries, or post-pregnancy changes – all usually leaving loose skin behind.

Final Takeaways on Body Sculpting

     Body sculpting helps remove stubborn fat cells and significantly reduces the appearance of fat on your targeted body parts. Whatever procedure you choose, body sculpting treatments are adequate measures in killing fat cells, which are eventually excreted by the body over the next few months, finally allowing you to see complete results of body sculpting.

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