Body Facials

Body Facials

Feel More Confident When You’re Showing Skin.

Skincare should not be limited to your face and neck. Treat yourself to a back or butt facial.

Just how often do you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize on your back and tush?
Our body facials are the ultimate treatment to make you feel more confident when showing skin.

Chances are, you are not caring for them enough. Dead skin cells need to be cleared to reveal healthier, glowing skin underneath using a treatment specifically formulated to address dry skin.


It helps you to improve:
  • Exfoliate the dead skin and moisturize
  • Get a healthy glow
  • Sooth irritation
  • Heal acne (or bacne)

Your back and derrière surely deserve some pampering, too!

The smoothing, soothing, hydrating, decongesting, and brightening benefits of the facial can be applied to just about every other body part.

Having a back facial is relaxing and helps your muscles to release tension. It feels like a massage combined with a facial. 

We all wish our tush looked a little fuller, a little firmer, a little more smooth. The first step to a butt facial is cleansing the skin. The next step is some good exfoliation. Then finally, the aesthetician will purify the skin and leave it looking smooth and fresh! It’s great for mild acne and getting rid of those pesky bumps that are sometimes caused by long-term sitting or restrictive clothing.

Treatment consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions. Or you can upgrade to enjoy a Hydrojelly mask.

Give your back the same attention we give our face and neck. Your back and buns need a skincare routine, too.

A body facial gives you a little boost of confidence. If you are getting ready to show more skin, whether it’s on the beach or in a back-bearing dress, our body facials help you get ready to show off some more skin.

At Skinetic Aesthetics, we know the importance of looking your best. Our customized treatment plans are meant to keep your skin glowing and help you maintain healthy skin! Request an appointment to learn more about our body facial services today.

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