Erika Kimble

Erika Kimble

Founder, Nurse Skin & Laser Specialist

Erika Kimble is a highly experience Nurse Practitioner specialized in Aesthetics, Dermatology, and Wellness. She is a proud alumnus of The Ohio State University (OSU), having graduated with a dual Master’s in Family Practice as an NP and also in Journalism and Communications. This foundation along with her ambitious nature has garnered her various professional recognitions. She is a recipient of the OSU William Oxley Thompson Award for distinguished early career achievement, as well as being named Top 100 Distinguished Alumni from the College of Nursing. She has also been twice awarded recognition by the International Nurses Association as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare. She has written two children’s books regarding childhood eczema, obesity, and diabetes, of which the initial book was honored as a 2013 Health Information Award Winner. Additionally, she has been utilized as a beauty expert in authorship for Anti-Aging and Skincare articles for several magazines, as well as, Aesthetic Medicine guest expert for television media, podcasts, and radio.

Erika has 14 years of experience as an NP in Aesthetics, Dermatology, & Wellness. Erika prides herself as a natural injector and loves the artistic and emotional rewards of amplifying the beauty of her patients. She is also a profound seeker of knowledge and carries a sound scientific foundation to guide her procedural prowess in obtaining magnificent results. Nonetheless, she is a lifelong learner and will ever continue to evolve and improve her artistry. Erika Kimble RN, BSN, MS, CNP, MA,

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