Mary Grace Grecia

Mary Grace Grecia

Founder, Nurse Skin & Laser Specialist

Mary Grace Grecia is the Founder and the Nurse Skin & Laser Specialist at Skinetic Aesthetics. She specializes in advanced skincare and laser treatments. She has over five years of expertise in different nursing specialties, including acute care, home health, palliative, hospice care, and administrative healthcare. She developed her skills and expertise in skincare and aesthetics by working alongside medical professionals. Since she was in her teens, she has been passionate about skincare, as she was dealing with her own skin concerns. She is dedicated to helping others accomplish their realistic skincare and wellness goals, promoting self-appreciation.

Mary Grace is known for her established connection with each of her clients as they develop a personalized treatment plan efficiently to target their skin and wellness concerns. She is knowledgeable in aesthetics, skin disorders, and treatments. She is attentive to detail in her work and strives to provide the best results. Her favorite encouragement quote for her clients is, "The goal is healthy skin, not perfect skin. The difference is that healthy skin is an ongoing journey to continue bettering yourself, even more so than skin-deep, while finding appreciation and acceptance for oneself." In addition, she finds interest in learning new ways to treat different skin disorders and experimenting with various resurfacing and rejuvenating treatments on herself to provide accurate advice and recommendations to her clients. She explains everything in an easy way so her clients can understand, and she is always honest and authentic.

Mary Grace is from Los Angeles, California and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her daughter, fiancé, and two mischievous pups. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, and whether it's traveling or going out to a nice dinner, it doesn't matter, just as long as her free time is spent with good company, good food, and blissful memories.

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