Mercyjoy May-as

Mercyjoy May-as

Office Manager & Body Sculpting Specialist

Mercyjoy May-as is the Body Sculpting Specialist and Office Manager at Skinetic Aesthetics. She has over one and half years of experience in the body sculpting and aesthetics industry and is known for performing all the body contouring, butt enhancement, and laser services. Mercyjoy is into health and fitness and educates the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Her strength in this industry is helping clients achieve their real body and wellness goals with non-invasive procedures.

She is currently in nursing school to obtain her BSN to know more about the medical side and learn in-depth how the body functions to implement it on the skills that she currently performs in the aesthetic industry. Mercyjoy graduated in Gilbert, Arizona, and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her two boys and fiancé. When she was sixteen, she started working in different expertise such as customer service, management, sales, health care, modeling, and technical support. Her purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle to her clients and provide realistic results and client satisfaction.

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