Rejuvenate Your Skin with Signature Facial with 7 Simple Steps

Skinetic Signature facial in Las Vegas by Skinetic

A medical spa, or medspa for short, is not complete without its signature facial. Of course, Skinetic Aesthetics has its signature facial version, full of the seven simple steps that will rejuvenate your skin. This post will enlighten you about the processes, benefits, and other information you need regarding the Skinetics Aesthetics signature facial treatment.

What is the Skinetic Aesthetics Signature Facial Treatment?

Our signature facial is a thorough facial treatment that will not leave you wanting more. It is complete with cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, an enzyme mask, a facial massage, high frequency, and jade rolling treatment. Each of those steps contributes to the final rejuvenation and beautification of your skin. They will repair your skin, help it maintain its youthful quality, and prevent future unaesthetic damage.

Let’s get into more details, shall we?


Any good old facial treatment starts with a good old cleansing. The cleansing part of our 7-step signature facial will take care of the dust, dirt, or excess oil, or whatever unwanted filth that may have gotten on the surface of your face. But cleaning the skin’s surface just won’t cut it if you want to rejuvenate your skin. You have to dive deeper. That is where the other steps of the signature facial come into play.


Exfoliation is necessary if you want to renew and rejuvenate your skin. Why? Because exfoliation removes dead skin cells accumulating around your epidermis, the topmost layer of the skin. Exfoliation is necessary because you won’t look your best if you have a layer of dead skin cells over your new and healthy skin cells. Besides, exfoliation also unclogs the opening of your pores. It removes sebum, which contributes to unappealing acne breakouts. Exfoliation is part of the cleaning process of our signature facial treatment. But it is not the last.


After exfoliation, the treatment proceeds to extraction. Cleansing removes the first layer of dirt on the skin’s surface, while exfoliation digs a little deeper and unclogs the pores. But what about the impurities inside the pores, impurities like blackheads? Extraction is the final step that cleans the skin and preps it for the rejuvenating parts of the signature facial procedure. It sucks out all the grime, oil, or dirt inside the pores, paving the way for the penetration of nutrients into the depths of the skin.

Extraction is the deepest-cleaning step in our signature facial treatment. After this step, your skin is finally ready to receive the rejuvenating procedures it needs and deserves.

Enzyme Mask

Now we’re getting into the rejuvenating parts of the Skinetic Aesthetics signature facial. We’ve only been tackling steps that strip away what makes the skin unappealing and looking bad. But the enzyme mask is the first step that truly rejuvenates the skin. Although the enzyme mask is technically an exfoliant, it does more than exfoliate. For one, the mask is fruit-based, which means it has nutrients essential to skin health. In fact, due to its healthy composition, it is suitable for all and any skin type.

Furthermore, it is full of antioxidants and other skin-soothing substances. So, while it sands away the dull and dry skin, it uncovers a soft, healthy, and radiant skin underneath.

Facial Massage

The facial massage encourages blood to flow more freely around your face. What does this neat little function do? The more that blood flows around a specific part of the body, the more that site receives nutrients which the blood carries. Furthermore, the massage relaxes the face muscles. Relaxed muscles mean less tension around your skin. The constantly tense muscles beneath the skin cause fine lines and wrinkles to form.

Although the facial massage is far from a permanent solution to fine lines and wrinkles, it does help make your skin more firm, youthful, and healthy by delivering more nutrients through the blood.

High-Frequency Therapy

High frequency uses small electric currents to provide more oxygen to the skin. The high-frequency treatment produces enriched oxygen molecules with anti-bacterial properties and solid thermal quality. The oxygenating and thermal features make the skin cells achieve two things. Namely, they make the blood vessels push away toxins from the skin while enriching the skin with hydrating nutrients. After just one session, you will see your skin is noticeably softer and energized. High-frequency treatment is safe for all skin types and effectively treats any skin condition. It improves texture, tone, skin glow, treats acne, scarring, stretch marks, helps in lymphatic drainage, disperses excess fluids, and kills bacteria.

Talk about skin rejuvenation! The high-frequency treatment in our signature facial gets it done!

Jade Rolling Treatment

Finally, we get to the last step of the Skinetic Aesthetics signature facial. The jade rolling treatment is a facial massage with an added twist. It uses a tool, a tiny roller, with a stone (usually jade) for the rolling part. By the looks of the roller, it may seem unexceptional, much less effective. But it significantly improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. The cold surface of the stone limits blood flow to the applied area, while the massage pressure pushes the lymph fluid to their nodes to filter them out.

That leaves you with smoother, more defined, and glowing skin. Furthermore, the massage-like feel of the jade rolling treatment relaxes the muscles, alleviates headaches, relieves pain, reduces eye strain, unclogs sinus congestion, calms the mind, and eases puffiness around the eyes and lower eyelids. This last step in the Skinetic Aesthetics signature facial will leave you relaxed, at ease, and feeling rejuvenated both mentally and physically. It is the perfect ending to a perfect facial treatment.

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Signature Facial Treatment.

The hustle and bustle of living take their toll on how you look. But with this simple yet tremendously effective 45-minute treatment, you will instantly look your best – that’s a guarantee. Rejuvenate your skin with the Skinetic Aesthetics signature facial today!

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