What is a LuXe Facial?

What is a LuXe Facial

LuXe facials allow you to get pampered after a long day’s work every once in a while. These luxurious facial treatments would surely make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Allow yourself to experience these fantastic facials offered exclusively in facial packages. LuXe facials are easy ways that allow you to indulge and relax.

Nothing can be better than experiencing LuXe facials towards a relaxing day with the ones you love. Whether couples or besties, this facial package can be a great way of spending precious time with loved ones while enjoying yourselves getting pampered. Bring your family members and loved ones – daughters, friends, moms, or husbands for a relaxing LuXe facial. Let’s know more about them.

The LuXe Facial Package

         The LuXe facials are effective facials bundled into an affordable package that will surely pamper your hearts out. Here are the facials and treatments included in the LuXe facial collection:

The Signature Facial

  • it takes about 45 minutes to complete
  • includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by extraction, an enzyme mask, then a relaxing facial massage
  • uses high-frequency devices that treat most skin concerns like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores
  • the machine used primarily produces heat and increases skin oxygenation, killing stubborn bacteria beneath the skin
  • finally, get a treatment that concludes with a hydration mask, customized serums, hydration moisturizers, and SPF

The Ultimate Facial

  • can be done in 60 Minutes
  • the summation of ultimate relaxation and glow-up LuXe facial
  • helps brighten your complexion
  • effectively decongests pores
  • promotes skin hydration
  • Consists of steps like deep cleansing, exfoliators, toners, extractions, high frequencies, LED light therapies, custom masks, Hydrojelly masks, custom serums, hydrating moisturizers, SPFs, and relaxing facial massages.
  • concludes using a jade rolling or Gua Sha treatment, helping stimulate lymphatic drainage, efficient blood circulation

Quickie Facial

  • Perfect for individuals who have active lifestyles but have limited time
  • This quick 30-minute facial regimen consists of double cleansing, exfoliation, toners, minor extractions, hydrating serums, and moisturizing applicators.

Intensive Acne Therapy

  • This LuXe facial package inclusion can be accomplished in around 60 Minutes.
  • focuses on clearing acne and reducing acne-causing bacteria
  • Consists of deep cleansing and exfoliation procedures using medical-grade products with ingredients that fight acne through complete and thorough extractions
  • applied using clarifying and decongesting products, including AHA like glycolic acid and BHA including salicylic acid
  • Contain vitamin A and C antioxidants with activated charcoal
  • The high-frequency device used in this therapy that creates “anti-bacterial” and thermal warming actions has proven effective for acne-prone skin.
  • The service ends with a combination of blue and red LED lights.
  • Blue LED light effectively helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria, while the red LED light aids against inflammation.

Sculpt and Glow

  • The facial for anyone looking to get SNATCHED and GLOWED UP!
  • Receive customized facial sessions and body sculpting “HOURGLASS” sessions during this treatment
  • Include steps in deep cleansing, exfoliation, toners, extractions, high Frequency, custom serums, custom masks, Hydrojelly masks, hydrating moisturizers, and SPFs
  • The body sculpting portion of this treatment includes lipo-lasers, cavitations, radiofrequency, and lymphatic massages or vacuums.

Glass Skin Facial

  • refers to dewy complexions that are plump, clear, and intensely hydrated
  • have an ultra-smooth glossy finish with this LuXe facial
  • comprises of deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, toners and essences, customized serums and masks
  • complete the glass-finish look by applying the ‘Chitossil Thread Lift’ to plumping your skin
  • helps minimize unwanted appearances of wrinkles, fine lines, and large pores

Fire and Ice Facial

  • a two-step facial treatment that uses clinically-graded products
  • excellent alternatives in chemically peeling without the hassle of peeling post-procedure
  • uses the potent IRM or Intensive Resurfacing Masque, designed for deep cleansing and exfoliation
  • this facial also helps unblock pores and reduce unwanted wrinkles and fine lines
  • its second step involves the Rejuvenation Masque that helps restore, soothe, and provide deep hydration
  • suggested services you can combine with this facial treatment are dermaplaning and HydraFacials

24K Gold Anti-Aging Facial

  • this LuXe facial finishes in 90 Minutes
  • offers the ultimate anti-aging benefits like reducing fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating dull skin, and brightening skin complexion
  • Have all the perks of Signature + High-Frequency Facials included in this treatment
  • followed by 24K products like the 24K Gold Serum, 24K Gold Flakes, 24K Gold Under Eye patches, and 24K Gold Hydrojelly Mask therapy

Skin Tightening RF Facial

  • typically takes around 30 Minutes
  • Uses radio frequency (RF) energy waves to heat deep skin layers called the dermis.
  • The heat produced for this LuXe facial package inclusion stimulates collagen production and promotes effective skin tightening.
  • Radiofrequency effectively tightens the skin on your face, neck, and other body parts.

Gentleman’s Facial

  • customized towards specific skincare concerns catering to men’s skin
  • Focuses on skin exfoliation, repairs damages that eventually result from daily shaving, skin dullness and sensitivity, aging, and environmental factors that cause adverse skin effects
  • consists of deep cleansing, steps in exfoliation and extraction, application of customized masks and serums, high-frequency procedures, hydrating moisturizers, and SPFs

Couples or Bestie Facials

  • These LuXe facials let you experience relaxing facials with special people in your life.
  • This service enables you and your special person to both receive complimentary champagne glasses, together with relaxing facials.
  • This group of facials includes the standard deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, toners and HydraFacial serum applications, high Frequency, customized serums, Hydrojelly masks, hydration moisturizers, and SPF.

Add-Ons for LuXe Facials

  • Hand Massage + Mask – this combination of hand massage and exfoliating scrub included in the LuXe facial package has hydrating hand masks and moisturizers.
  • High Frequency – this add-on utilizes tiny currents to oxygenate the skin. This technique uses thermal energy that targets and helps treat skin concerns common to most of us like acne, cellulite, fine lines, enlarged pores, under-eye circles, and wrinkles.
  • Hydrojelly Masks – a treatment customized to your particular skin needs. These masks are part of the LuXe facial package add-ons that provide many benefits to your skin, like hydration, smoothening, moisture retention, cleansing and exfoliating, skin conditioning and toning, and inflammation reduction.
  • LED Light Therapy – this LuXe facial add-on offers multiple colors for treating various skin issues, such as stimulation of the natural collagen and elastin production, inflammation treatment, fine lines, wrinkle reduction, acne elimination, and hyperpigmentation fixing. This therapy is a perfect add-on after your selected facial treatment.
  • Lip Exfoliator and Masks – this lip scrub approach, together with LuXe facials, exfoliate and peel off dry and flaky skin, followed by lip masks and balms that leave your lips smooth and plump like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Why do I need to get LuXe facials?”

         The LuXe facial package allows you to:

  • brighten and enhance your complexion
  • even out skin tone and texture
  • experience skin that’s glowing and beautiful
  • get pampered and cared for
  • fight the signs of anti-aging
  • indulge in a complete day of total relaxation and rejuvenation
  • repair skin damages and issues

The Bottomline

         LuXe facials are luxurious facial treatments that pamper your skin and allow you to enjoy a relaxing day after working hard for so long. Consult cosmetic experts to know more about this facial package and enjoy the benefits of experiencing LuXe facials.

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